Author: Carole Staniford

85% of Respondents Prefer IBDoc®

IBDoc® Calprotectin Patient Self Testing Pilot Study The Poster presented at BSG 21-23 June 2016, by a team at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, discusses a recent study among a cohort of Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis patients.

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So How DO You Collect that Awkward Sample?

Poo Collection Made Easy Collecting poo even gets into the daily news! A recent article in the Daily Mail addressed the tricky subject of how many patients find collecting faecal samples difficult and distasteful. Dr Cliodna McNulty, Head of the Primary Care Unit at Public Health England, explained why it’s so important.

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Shedding Light from Above: PillCam

Most things in this day and age are getting smaller: crisps, chocolate, computers and now endoscopes. Whilst the traditional endoscope is still used in most clinical investigations, a new kid on the block is now emerging. With a completely different, convenient and minimally invasive approach PillCam® could also provide more information than traditional endoscopy.

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