The Pitfalls of Diagnosing IBS without Checking Calprotectin

In this case study, Arne Roseth reflects on a case last year where he met a patient who’d been wrongly diagnosed with IBS over 16 years ago. Last July I

Point of Care Testing for Calprotectin

Dr Sean Nugent, Consultant Gastroenterologist,of The Whitfield Clinic, Waterford, Ireland, talks to us about his introduction of the Quantum Blue Calprotectin Test into his clinic. Alpha Labs: Can you describe

Gold Star for Service

Successful laboratory assays are usually dependent on the alignment of many elements and sometimes things do go wrong despite everyones best efforts! Nik Hawes and Julia Bond from the Biochemistry

Royal Berks takes a Quantum Leap

In autumn 2010, the Clinical Chemistry Dept at the Royal Berkshire Hospital decided to evaluate the Quantum Blue Calprotectin test. The reason was that their Calprotectin requests had grown sufficiently