IBDoc® Calprotectin Home Test Kit Procedure

IBDoc Test Preparation


1. Prepare the Test
To start the test procedure the patient logs into the downloaded CalApp®
on their smartphone with their IBDoc® account username and password.
They then collect a stool sample with the easy to use faecal collection paper sheet
included in the IBDoc® Test Kit.


2. Extract the Sample
The sampling pin of the CALEX® Valve extraction device is dipped into IBDoc Sample Extraction
the stool sample a few times with a twisting motion.
This collects a defined amount of stool in the grooves of the CALEX® Valve pin.
The pin is placed back into the tube through the upper funnel.




3. Load the Test Cassette
The CALEX® Valve tube is applied onto the test cassette and a precise amount IBDoc Loading Test Cassette
of extract is released by turning the lever.
After a few seconds, when the membrane strip of the cassette gets visibly soaked, the lever is closed.




4 Read the Test Cassette
Results are read using the smartphone camera. Reading IBDoc result on a smartphone
Placing the camera above the cassette focuses and automatically takes a picture.
The image is analysed through a sophisticated image processor
and a quantitative result is calculated by the CalApp®.




5 Save the Test ResultIBDoc Generating Result
Using a traffic light code system the result is classified as NORMAL, MODERATE, or HIGH.
All the results performed on one smartphone are saved locally and can be accessed at any future time.




6 Doctor Is Notified
The result taken with the CalApp® is automatically transferred to the IBDoc Result Sent to Clinician
IBDoc® Portal and the patient’s doctor is immediately notified.
Depending on the test result the doctor can communicate with the patient to advise on further therapeutic steps to be taken.

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