Join Our Calprotectin Community!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Calprotectin Community Support Forum!

We hope the forum topics will provide you with helpful information during the current situation, and allow you to share and discuss your tips and experiences with fellow members of the Calprotectin Community.

During these unprecedented times communication and support is more important than ever.

Part of a Clinical Team?

If access to your standard laboratory testing has been removed or is not available in a timeframe to help support clinical decision making, please use this forum to share your experiences and see what other healthcare professionals are doing. 

Part of a Laboratory Testing Team?

As calprotectin testing will become more important to get an indication of the gut health due to the restriction on endoscopic procedures, share how your laboratory has been managing and what alternative procedures or solutions you’ve adopted. 

Get Your IBD Patients Involved!

We’re especially keen for the forum to be a place where your IBD Patients can discuss their experiences with the IBDoc® home calprotectin test.

As the use of home calprotectin testing has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope the support from the forum will help patients to get used to the test. It should also help them to complete it correctly, providing accurate results for you, the IBD team.

Registering for the Forum

Due to its medical nature, our forum is private, therefore when registering you will be asked to select whether you are an IBD Patient, part of a Clinical Team, or Laboratory Testing team.

Please indicate the group you’re most suited to, so that we can grant you access to the forum(s) most relevant to you.

Click here to find out more and to register for the forum!