The New IBD Registry – Making Information Work for Patients, their Clinical Teams and the NHS

The IBD Registry is a collaboration between a number of IBD research and support organisations designed to develop and test new ways to capture, link and analyse information about routine IBD care.

Pseudonymised IBD patient data from across the UK will be linked with routinely collected NHS hospital statistics. By bringing this data together for the first time  the project aims to create powerful analytic techniques that can be used by all NHS hospitals to benefit patients and enhance future IBD research.

  • Drive continuous improvement in patient care and access to care across the UK
  • Inform commissioning and service design
  • Improve our understanding of long term outcomes
  • Provide local, regional & national data in order to better define the pattern of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease
  • Support IBD research

The Registry is also becoming the vehicle for ongoing data capture for audit and quality improvement in the UK.

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