BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo Faecal Calprotectin Assay Proves Consistent between Multiple Analysers

There has been much interest in the BÜHLMANN fCAL turbo faecal calprotectin assay since its UK launch in early 2016. With the increasing demand for faecal calprotectin tests there is a growing need for such a flexible, random access, high throughput assay that can be performed on clinical chemistry platforms.

Clinicians need to be able to rely on diagnostic assay results to direct decisions about management of their patients. Thus, it is essential that the same test run in different laboratories, by different scientists on different instruments produces consistent results.

fCAL turbo faecal calprotectin assay studies have been conducted all around Europe on many different analysers. During these evaluations some laboratories undertook sample swaps with BÜHLMANN in Switzerland, using frozen sample extracts, so that results from different analysers could be compared.

Read the report of this study and see the comparison of tests performed on a range of clinical chemistry platforms such as ADVIA , AU 640, Architect and Cobas (c111, c501, c701) using the fCAL turbo faecal calprotectin assay.

The data shows an average R2 of 0.985, meaning calprotectin concentrations obtained with the fCAL turbo faecal calprotectin assay on different analysers are highly consistent. This offers excellent confidence in comparability of data between sites and the movement of patients between test locations. It provides ultimate flexibility for future proofing calprotectin services due to analyser upgrades or a complete change to different analyser brand.

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