Calprotectin Home vs. Laboratory Test

Mary O’Connell née Deasy, Biochemistry Department,
Mercy University Hospital, Cork, Ireland

The Mercy University hospital is one of the largest users of the IBDoc test, with almost 500 patients using the system to monitor their calprotectin levels.

It was important to establish the comparative data between results from the patient self test and a laboratory based technology.

Mary O’Connell in the Biochemistry Department at the Mercy was able to get some patients from the IBD clinic to provide faecal samples for testing. This enabled results from their IBDoc tests to be compared to those obtained using the laboratory’s calprotectin testing method – BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo run on the Abbott Architect C8000.

The IBDoc has a maximum reading of 1000μg/g compared to 2000μg/g that the Mercy is using with the fCAL turbo. However, correlation between the two assays is fairly good with an R2 of 0.8: and no statistical significance demonstrated with

fCAL turbo vs. IBDoc

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