Efficient, Convenient and Hygienic Extraction of Stool Samples with BÜHLMANN CALEX® Cap

Weighing the sample is still considered the Gold-Standard sample extraction method for calprotectin. However, this is a time consuming and inconvenient method.

Providing very high correlation to the weighing extraction method, the BÜHLMANN CALEX® Cap is a stool extraction device containing a measured amount of extraction buffer. The features of the CALEX device are unique, providing a safe and efficient extraction process. It improves laboratory workflow and efficiency by eliminating the need for sample weighing, pipetting or decanting.

In a recent letter to the Annals of Clinical Biochemistry a team of scientists from Black Country Pathology Services and the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Hospitals Trust, reported on their evaluation of calprotectin results measured from CALEX Cap extracts compared to the manual weighing extraction method.

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