Head to Head Comparison of Three Stool Calprotectin Tests for Home Use

Faecal home tests are being used more frequently as part of the clinic routine. With several solutions from different manufacturers available there is a need to compare them in regard to accuracy and usability, to make sure that the offered home tests are easy to use for patients and deliver accurate results on which the IBD care team can base clinical decisions.

Dr. Sjoukje Haisma and her team did exactly that comparing three home tests (IBDoc®, QuantonCal and CalproSmart) and companion ELISA tests fCAL, IDK-Calprotectin and Calprotectin-ALP) to see if measurement pairs agreed sufficiently. She presented a poster at ECCO 2019 that was published in PLOS One shortly after the congress.

Here Dr. Haisma  presents her poster describing the process of the study and outcome of the results.

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