Optimisation of Lab Processes by Introducing the BÜHLMANN fPELA® turbo on Beckman Coulter AU 5800

Testimonial from Angela Suter and Dr. Cyril Fuhrer, Synlab Suisse SA, Lucerne, Switzerland

You are successfully performing routine faecal calprotectin measurements with the BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo Assay on the Beckman Coulter AU 5800. What are your experiences with applying a CALEX® Cap faecal extract onto a high throughput analyser in your routine?

The test is running stably, with high precision and the handling of stool extract has been integrated into the day to day work of the high throughput analyser without problems and is part of our daily routine.

What are the main reasons to adapt your testing of faecal pancreatic elastase by introducing the fPELA turbo assay by BÜHLMANN?

Mainly the need for optimisation of the lab processes and slimming the procedure of testing this analyte. The formerly used ELISA based platform only allows for a batch-wise procedure, which was the major drawback in our routine service. By switching to your application onto the Beckman Coulter AU 5800, we could finally establish Continuous-Flow Analytics which enables us to reach a way better turnaround time TAT. Also cost efficiency of running this analyte at SYNLAB could be improved.

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