BÜHLMANN fPELA® turbo on cobas® c501

A report from Dr. Jörg Oliver Thumfart*, Labormedizinisches Zentrum Dr. Risch

“We successfully introduced the automated, turbidimetric assay for fecal calprotectin, the BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo, on our Roche cobas® c501 in Autumn 2019. The BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo replaced a classical ELISA assay. The main motivation for this change was to increase flexibility in planning lab work and to avoid having to run samples batchwise on plates. Additionally, the introduction of the ready to use CALEX® Cap device resulted in more stable stool extracts.

After the successful establishment of the calprotectin assay and the release of the new turbidimetric pancreatic elastase assay from BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG, it was an obvious step to consolidate those two turbidimetric assays on the cobas® system.”

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*FAMH Clinical Chemistry and Medical Microbiology, Head of Corelab Labormedizinisches Zentrum Dr. Risch

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