New faecal calprotectin cut-off points for remission and active disease defined by UCEIS and Nancy indices in ulcerative colitis (UC)
Home based faecal calprotectin testing: a Canadian user performance evaluation study of IBDoc®

“FC measurements produced by patients with IBDoc were strongly correlated with the standard FC ELISA measurements. Patients found the IBDoc home kit easy to use and a product they would like to use in the future”

Moore. A et al ECCO 2018
Patient’s performance and feedback by using home test faecal calprotectin as an objective reported outcome

“Correlation between the Quantum Blue test and the IBDoc results was good. Patients preferred to use the home test system for their disease monitoring”

Wei. S et al ECCO 2018
IBDoc® self-care/point-of-care calprotectin test: Early value in a district general hospital inflammatory bowel disease service

“IBDoc adds value to patient care; it enhances the patient’s journey allowing quick treatment decisions to be made saving at least one hospital admission during this small trial”

Avery. P et al ECCO 2018
Usability of a home-based test for the measurement of fecal calprotectin in IBD patients

“Usability scores for the home-based test were high. There was a very good correlation with the centrally measured FC by ELISA”.

Bello. C et al Digestive and Liver Disease 2017
Home smart-phone based measurement of fecal calprotectin by IBD patients: correlation with laboratory assay and applicability as patient-friendly monitoring tool

“the results of the home fecal calprotectin test (IBDoc) correlate well with values-ranges obtained using conventional lab-based calprotectin test. Smart-phone based fecal calprotectin test may be a useful patient-friendly tool for monitoring of IBD patients at home, with minimal interference to their routine.”

Ungar. B et al ECCO 2017 P181
Home or hospital-based analysis of stool calprotectin: assessing two methods for monitoring inflammatory bowel disease

“80% of all paired measurements were concordant”

Heida. A et al. ECCO 2017 P374
An evaluation of patient satisfaction with IBDoc calprotectin home test system

“Calprotectin home testing using a smartphone as measuring system was very well received among the tested users (100% satisfaction). IBDoc offers patient empowerment for IBD patients who can remotely monitor their disease from the convenience of their own home”.

Fitzgerald. D et al. ECCO 2017 N804
Home testing for faecal calprotectin: follow-up results from the first UK trial

“A negative fCAL (<100μg/g) by either method is a useful test to exclude a flare within four months………….”

Raker. J et al ECCO 2017 P599
Cost effective of IBDoc as a surrogate marker of mucosal healing in IBD patients post induction of biological agents

“In total 53 clinical visits and 62 colonoscopies were saved….. this study demonstrate a significant cost effectiveness of using IBDoc faecal calprotectin post induction of anti-TNF therapy as well as reducing the waiting time for both clinic visits and colonoscopies”.

Elsafi. G et al UEGW 2017
Home-testing of faecal calprotectin using the IBDoc™ system: a comparative pilot study

‘’85% of respondents preferred the IBDoc test over other methods’’

Parr et al Poster at BSG 2016 PTH-054
Validation of a smartphone-based patient monitoring system measuring calprotectin as the therapy follow-up marker

“The performance of the smartphone-based IBDoc home testing system is comparable to professional, laboratory based methods”.

Weber et al Poster at UEGW 2015
Homecare Systems for monitoring inflammatory bowel diseases are feasible and appreciated by both patients and healthcare professionals

The concept of patients participating in their own care is receiving widespread support. Homecare is an essential instrument since it both empowers patients and de-burdens healthcare professionals. Our results encourage us to proceed with homecare for IBD patients since the majority of patients are well motivated and able to complete periodic e-consulting.

van Helden et al Poster at UEGW 2009
Agreement Between Home-Based Measurement of Stool Calprotectin and ELISA Results for Monitoring Inflammatory Bowel Disease Activity

“We found sufficient agreement between the home used lateral flow test and the hospital based ELISA test in the lower ranges of calprotectin to use this new test for telemonitoring of patients with asymptomatic IBD” Uses BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA , Quantum Blue® fCAL and IBDoc®”

Heida. A et al. J of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2017
Point of care testing of fecal calprotectin as a substitute for routine laboratory analysis

“We found a strong correlation coefficient of 0.887 between FC measured on IBDoc® and the laboratory assay BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo”.

Hejl. J et al 2017 Practical Laboratory Medicine
Point-of-care and home faecal calprotectin tests for monitoring treatment response in inflammatory bowel disease