BioSystems BA200 Standalone Analyser

The BioSystems BA200 standalone analyser offers an excellent alternative to the main stream analysers for faecal testing, with comparable performance and efficiency. It frees up space from main clinical chemistry analysers, providing added capacity if there are increased demands for other assays in the laboratory.

The bench top BioSystems BA200 is available either for capital purchase or on a reagent rental basis to run the BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo faecal calprotectin and fPELA® faecal elastase assays.

Key Features

  • CE marked applications for BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo and fPELA® assays
  • CALEX® Cap  faecal extraction device can be loaded directly onto the analyser and the same sample can be used for both assays
  • Software is LIMS enabled with built in bar code reader for samples and reagents
  • 200 tests per hour
  • 88 position free configuration
  • LED technology
  • Quick pause (6-24 seconds) to enable loading and unloading of samples and reagents
  • Chilled rota for reagents and samples
  • Other assays are available to be used on the instrument

BioSystems BA200 Analyser Overview: Watch the Video

Elastase Precision:

Run on 5 different days
80.07 μg/g 197.74 μg/g 291.77 μg/g 401.78 μg/g
Repeatability CV% 4.7 2.1 2.4 1.9
Between Run CV% 5.2 1.8 2.8 0
Between Day CV% 1 1 2.1 0

fPELA turbo Method Comparison with the Roche c501:


Calprotectin Precision:

4 replicates over two runs on 20 different days
84.7μg/g 246μg/g
Repeatability 2.7 0.9
Between Run CV% 1.7 0.4
Between Day CV% 2.5 1.1
Within Laboratory CV% 4 1.4

fCAL turbo Method Comparison with the Mindray BS380:


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