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Treatment decisions often have to be made without the benefit of the calprotectin result in acute situations as laboratory results can often take a week or more to come through. Enabling a point of care solution with a rapid quantitative result can help triage limited resources and support immediate treatment decisions.

Quantum Blue® Reader

The Quantum Blue testing system combines the ease and speed of lateral flow technology with full quantitation by means of a small bench top reading device.

The Quantum Blue reader analyses colorimetric tests using camera technology and is designed for use with the BÜHLMANN lateral flow cartridges for the quantitative determination of calprotectin from faeces and serum, and for rapid drug & antibody testing for infliximab and adalimumab. The compact, bench top device is ideal for point-of-care, clinic or low throughput laboratory settings for screening and monitoring of patients.

Key Features:

  • The touch screen display together with an intuitive graphic user interface allows quick navigation and easy step-by-step tutorial screens.
  • The Lot specific calibration curve and other parameters are uploaded via a barcode card directly by the system camera.
  • Connectivity of the reader via ethernet port enables connecting the device to laboratory and hospital information systems (via Connect Software enables HL7 based communication interface). The new Quantum Blue® Reader supports the direct patient barcode scanning (available separately) and result printing via USB ports.
  • A clear digital reading in µg/g means no subjectivity in the analysis. The fast and precise imaging allows the detection of quantitative results in 15 minutes (excluding sample preparation) and the data are stored automatically and can be printed or transferred to a computer, if required.
    This method of analysis is ideal for Point of care settings, low volume laboratories, or labs which need rapid turn-around time.
  • Two lines will appear in the reaction window of the test cassette – a control line and a test line; the reader analyses the colour intensity of the lines to give a quantitative result that is standardised against the BÜHLMANN fCAL ELISA.
  • The reader can be used as a stand-alone device or connected to the hospital information system for easier data input and reporting.
  • The Quantum Blue test system can be used in the laboratory if the volume of tests isn’t too high, or it can be used in clinics as a point of care option. There are 25 tests in each kit, and all are individually sealed so you can use them one at a time if required and results are available in 12 – 15 minutes (depending on which assay is run).

The Quantum Blue reader can be used with a number of different assays to give quantitative results in a time frame that can impact the clinical decision.
This includes:

  • Faecal Calprotectin
  • Serum Calprotectin
  • TNFα Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Anti-drug Antibody Assays

We also further support you with a comprehensive range of collection and sample handling products.

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Quantum Blue® Calprotectin in Faeces

Quantum Blue® fCAL is a rapid, quantitative Calprotectin testing platform for fast turn-around or lower throughput requirements.

If your Calprotectin test request number is too low to achieve a reasonable turn-around time using an ELISA method, or you require rapid results, Quantum Blue® provides a comprehensive, cost effective Calprotectin testing platform. Quantum Blue® can be used in either the clinic or laboratory setting.

  • Based on established lateral flow technology
  • Quantitative measurement of Calprotectin in faecal samples
  • Results in 12 minutes
  • Excellent correlation with other BÜHLMANN Calprotectin assays
  • Simple, rapid extraction and test process
  • Unilateral connectivity to LIMs via dedicated middleware
  • Compact benchtop reader with touch screen or optional barcode data entry
  • Results directly printable or downloadable to USB
  • There are two kits available for testing calprotectin in stool samples:
    Quantum Blue® fCAL High Range (LF-CHR25) – measurable range 100-1800µg/g for monitoring IBD positive patients
    Quantum Blue® fCAL Extended Range (LF-CALE25) – measurable range 30-1000µg/g for diagnosis and monitoring purposes

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Quantum Blue® fCAL
Product Code Description Pack Size
LF-CHR25 Quantum Blue® fCAL High Range 25 Tests
LF-CALE25 Quantum Blue® fCAL Extended 25 Tests

Quantum Blue® Calprotectin in Serum

Quantum Blue® sCAL (LF-MRP25) is a quantitative test designed to determine the level of calprotectin in serum and is used as a surrogate marker for the presence of elevated polymorphonuclear cells. The test has been demonstrated to be useful in:

  • The management of care for arthritis patients
  • Patients with cardiovascular disease
  • In transplant patients
  • Matrix: Serum
  • Range: 0.42 – 10µg/ml
  • Test Time: 12 minutes
  • Sample size: 20µl
  • Test Format: Individually sealed lateral flow device

Key Literature


Helping to Manage Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Great Ormond Street Hospital User Report – Serum Calprotectin Monitoring

Serum Calprotectin Quantitative Lateral-flow Test
Product Code Description Pack Size
LF-MRP25 Quantum Blue® sCAL 25 Tests

Quantum Blue® Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

The BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Therapeutic Drug Monitoring assays are the first rapid tests to measure Infliximab and Adalimumab trough level in patient’s serum, allowing timely decision making for dose adjustments before the next dose.

  • Serum trough drug level:
    • Infliximab: 0.4 – 20µg/ml – Linear up to 180µg/ml
    • Adalimumab: 1.3 – 35µg/ml
  • Serum trough anti-drug antibody assay:
    • Infliximab – cut-off 1.3µgeq/ml
    • Adalimumab – cut-off 0.2µgeq/ml
  • Single use assay:
    • No need to batch samples
    • Individually packaged test
  • Assay time of 15 minutes
  • Correlation with ELISA methods
  • For use with biosimilars
  • Control included on each cassette
  • Read using a simple bench top reader
  • Available in two pack sizes

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BSG Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Adults

Good Practice Recommendation 15All IBD patients should be reviewed 2–4 weeks after completing loading doses of anti-TNF therapy to assess response and optimise maintenance dosing based on clinical response and measures such as serum drug and anti-drug antibody concentrations, blood inflammatory markers, faecal biomarkers or endoscopy (Agreement: 82.5%).BSG

Statement 92We suggest that treatment options for failure of initial anti-TNF therapy (increase dose, shorten dosage interval, switch to alternative anti-TNF, or switch to different drug class) may be informed by the clinical context and by measurement of serum drug and anti-drug antibody concentrations (GRADE: weak recommendation, low-quality evidence. Agreement: 97.7%).

Statement 93 We suggest that patients with secondary loss of response to anti-TNF therapy may have serum drug and antidrug antibody concentrations measured to inform appropriate changes in treatment (GRADE: weak recommendation, moderate-quality evidence. Agreement: 97.6%).

Read the BSG Guidelines

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Quantum Blue anti-TNFα Drug Monitoring
Product Code Description Pack Size
LF-TLIF25 Quantum Blue® Infliximab 25 Tests
LF-TLIF10 Quantum Blue® Infliximab 10 Tests
LF-TLAD25 Quantum Blue® Adalimumab 25 Tests
LF-TLAD10 Quantum Blue® Adalimumab 10 Tests
LF-ADIF25 Quantum Blue® Anti-infliximab Antibody 25 Tests
LF-ADIF10 Quantum Blue® Anti-infliximab Antibody 10 Tests
LF-ADAD25 Quantum Blue® Anti-adalimumab Antibody 25 Tests
LF-ADAD10 Quantum Blue® Anti-adalimumab Antibody 10 Tests