Calprotectin Products for Point of Care


Alpha Laboratories offers the simple to use Quantum Blue® fCAL test format for the measurement of human faecal Calprotectin.

It provides the ideal solution for clinicians and point of care applications.

We also further support you with a comprehensive range of compatible collection and sample handling products.

Read the NICE Medtech innovation briefing [MIB132] on Calprotectin Point of Care Testing

Quantum Blue® Calprotectin in Faeces

Quantum Blue® fCAL is a rapid, quantitative Calprotectin testing platform for lower throughput requirements.

If your Calprotectin test request number is too low to achieve a reasonable turn around time using an ELISA method, or you require rapid results, Quantum Blue® provides a comprehensive, cost effective, entry-level Calprotectin testing platform. Quantum Blue® can be used in either the clinic or laboratory setting.

  • Based on established lateral flow technology
  • Provides a quantitative measurement of Calprotectin in faecal samples in 12 mins
  • Results can be downloaded to the LIS
  • Simple and rapid extraction and test process
  • Compact benchtop reader
  • Excellent correlation with the Bühlmann Calprotectin ELISA: uses a consistent cut off value (50µg/g)
  • There are three kits available for testing calprotectin in stool samples:
    Quantum Blue® fCAL (LF-CAL25) – measurable range 30-300µg/g
    Quantum Blue® fCAL High Range (LF-CHR25) – measurable range 100-1800µg/g
    Quantum Blue® fCAL Extended Range (LF-CALE25) – measurable range 30-1000µg/g

New Extended Range Kit

The extended range kit is for use with Quantum Blue Two second generation instruments
(Serial no. >1000)

  • Diagnosis and monitoring of therapy with a single test format
  • Simplify laboratory procedures with a single protocol across the concentration range
  • Improve stock management as one kit covers two requirements

Quantum Blue Calprotectin Reader for Point of Care

Quantum Blue® Calprotectin in Ascites

The Quantum Blue® ascitesCAL (LF-ASC25), is a quantitative test designed for the determination of elevated Calprotectin concentrations in human ascites in combination with the Quantum Blue® Reader.

It is used as an aid to diagnose the development of  spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) by being  a marker for an elevated polymorphonuclear cell count (PMN).

The test has been designed for point of care testing of patients suffering from liver cirrhosis accompanied with ascites accumulation in the peritoneum.

Intended use:

Calprotectin is used as a surrogate marker for the elevated presence of polymorphonuclear cells (PMN).


  • Matrix: Ascites
  • Range:  0.19 – 1.9 µg/ml
  • Proposed cut-off: 0.50 µg/ml
  • Sens: 100% – Spec: 84.7%
  • Test time: 12 minutes
  • Readout with Quantum Blue® Reader
  • Results in µg/ml Calprotectin
  • Loading: 100µl 1:5 buffer diluted Ascites

Find out more about Calprotectin Ascites Buy Quantum Blue Ascites Test online

Quantum Blue® Calprotectin in Serum

Quantum Blue® sCAL (LF-MRP25) is a quantitative test designed to determine the level of calprotectin in serum and is used as a surrogate marker for the presence of elevated polymorphonuclear cells. The test has been demonstrated to be useful in:

  • The management of care for arthritis patients
  • Patients with cardiovascular disease
  • In transplant patients
  • Matrix: Serum
  • Range: 0.42 – 10µg/ml
  • Test Time: 12 minutes
  • Sample size: 20µl
  • Test Format: Individually sealed lateral flow device

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