The Inside Story on Inflammation

This informative video produced by the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation describes the value of calprotectin monitoring for known IBD sufferers. Regular calprotectin testing is valuable in identifying causes of symptoms,

Out of Africa: Using Faecal Calprotectin Assays in the African Setting and Screening for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Professor Russell Stothard and Dr Amaya Bustinduy Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Our article highlights ongoing work in Uganda measuring morbidity associated with

IBDoc®: Early Value in a District General Hospital Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service

At the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation, 13th Congress in Vienna in February 2018 Avery and Wilson of Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust, Gastroenterology, Dorchester, UK presented the poster: IBDoc® Self-care/Point of care Calprotectin Test:

Calprotectin and Clinical Correlation

Mary O’Connell née Deasy, Biochemistry Department, Mercy University Hospital, Cork In issue 2017-3 of Leading Edge, Mary O’Connell detailed her evaluation of the BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo assay on the Abbott Architect C8000 analyser in comparison

Cost Effective Monitoring

Using IBDoc Faecal Calprotectin Testing Post Induction of anti-TNF Therapy G. Elsafi et al. Department of Gastroenterology, Mercy University Hospital, Cork At UEGW in Barcelona in October 2017 Dr. Elsafi and

fCAL turbo vs. IBDoc
Calprotectin Home vs. Laboratory Test

Mary O’Connell née Deasy, Biochemistry Department, Mercy University Hospital, Cork, Ireland The Mercy University hospital is one of the largest users of the IBDoc test, with almost 500 patients using the system to

Digestive Diseases Day Calprotectin Survey results
View the Results of the Digestive Diseases Day Calprotectin Survey

On the 15th November 2017, Alpha Laboratories held a Digestive Diseases Day workshop. This educational day brought together experts in the field to discuss recent advances in clinical diagnostics for

Calprotectin in Primary Care – Dr James Turvill

Dr. James Turvill, Consultant Gastroenterologist at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was one of the experts speaking at Alpha Laboratories Digestive Diseases Day in November 2017 where he discussed the

Mary OConnell
Bringing Calprotectin Testing In-house on the Abbott Architect C8000

Mary O’Connell née Deasy, Biochemistry Department Mercy University Hospital Cork, Ireland describes her experience introducing the BÜHLMANN fCAL turbo assay onto her department’s Abbott Architect C8000. At the Biochemistry Department

Approaches to Method Verification and Validation

Professor Tim James, Head Biomedical Scientist for Clinical Biochemistry at Oxford University Hospitals and UKAS assessor, outlines the approaches to method verification and validation in the context of ISO 15189.

Pre-analytical Influences on Calprotectin

Amanda Appleton, Product Manager for the Calprotectin range at Alpha Laboratories, talked at the Digestive Diseases Day held on the 15th November 2017 in Birmingham. Here she discussed a range

Rosie Forster, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, with the CALEX and Roche cobas c702
Introducing in-house Calprotectin Testing Directly on the Roche cobas® c702

Turbo Charged from the Start Rosie Forster and Karen Smith, Clinical Biochemistry, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham introduce Faecal Calprotectin testing into their laboratory using the BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo assay. Faecal

Usability of a home-based test for the measurement of faecal calprotectin in IBD patients

In this video Caroline Bello from the University Hospital in Liege, Belgium presents the data of BÜHLMANN’s multicenter study with over 50 patients in Liege (Prof. Edouard Louis), Oslo (Dr.

Home vs. Hospital Based Analysis of Stool Calprotectin

Comparison of Two Diagnostic Methods for Monitoring Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In this video Anke Heida, a PhD student from the IBD Centre, Groningen University Medical Center, Netherlands presents her poster at

Using Faecal Calprotectin Testing in Primary Care

Dr James Turvill, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust discusses the York Faecal Calprotectin Care Pathway. Using Faecal Calprotectin Testing in Primary Care: Watch the Video. Calprotectin Testing in Primary

Anita-Grunauer evaluates fCAL turbo on Roche c501
City Hospital Triemli Optimizes Laboratory Workflow For Calprotectin Testing

Interview with Anita Grünauer (BMA), Dr. Jasmin Barman-Aksözen (Head of Department Chemistry), and Predrag Nesic (Head of Department BMA Chemistry), Institute for Laboratory Medicine, City Hospital Triemli, Zurich …the BÜHLMANN

Evaluating fCAL turbo - Beckman UniCel DxC 600
Children’s Hospital of Zurich introduces fCAL turbo on the Beckman UniCel DxC 600

Interview with Mara Barbieru Deputy Senior Biomedical Analyst, Department of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Children’s Hospital of Zurich “For years, we had wanted to run Calprotectin in-house and now finally we can offer this.”

BÜHLMANN fCAL turbo Evaluation
Bioanalytica Lucerne 2: BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo evaluation on the Roche cobas® c501

Interview with Yvonne Schallberger, Bioanalytica Lucerne 2. BÜHLMANN fCAL turbo Evaluation “By introducing BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo we can finally provide the service the gastroenterologists of the St. Anna Hospital longed

fCAL turbo faecal calprotectin assay
BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo Faecal Calprotectin Assay Proves Consistent between Multiple Analysers

There has been much interest in the BÜHLMANN fCAL turbo faecal calprotectin assay since its UK launch in early 2016. With the increasing demand for faecal calprotectin tests there is a

Loading fCAL turbo faecal calprotectin tests onto the cobas 6000
On Board with fCAL® turbo at Cumberland Infirmary

Pamela Bowe, Team Manager in the Department of Biochemistry at the Cumberland Infirmary describes her experience in evolving laboratory procedures and introducing BÜHLMANN fCAL turbo to cope with the growing number of faecal calprotectin

Studying Calprotectin False at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital
False Positive Faecal Calprotectin?
The Camera Never Lies

Louise Asser, Specialist Biomedical Scientist at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital tells us about the work there, following up patients with a false positive calprotectin result. Using a pill-sized camera

IBDoc® – A Patient’s Perspective

Julia Edin, a Crohn’s patient from Norway tells us about her experience using IBDoc® at home.

Calprotectin Patient Self-Testing in Practice

NEW User Report: Monitoring calprotectin concentrations is important as an indicator of disease activity, the effectiveness of treatment and to predict relapses in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Faecal calprotectin Home Testing
Home Testing of Faecal Calprotectin using the IBDoc™ System: A Comparative Pilot Study

At the British Society of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting in Liverpool in June 2016, a poster was presented by a team from King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. They described the

Is It Really IBS?

As reported in the Daily Mail recently, misdiagnosis of IBS can have serious consequences. Read the full article The IBS Epidemic With one in ten people thought to be affected by

IBDoc® Calprotectin Home Test

This video demonstrates how to use the IBDoc® Calprotectin Home Test Kit. In just three easy steps you can monitor your IBD levels.

Hope on the Horizon for IBD Patients

Crohn’s sufferer Lee Stanley from Manchester writes about his experience of living with Crohn’s Disease for 25 years. Why he feels regular calprotectin testing is important, and the benefits that

Faecal calprotectin—ready for prime time?

Introduction Calprotectin is a heterodimer of calcium-binding proteins which belongs to the S-100 protein family. It is released from neutrophils and monocytes during cellular activation (or death) at sites of

The Impact of Pre-analytical Variation on Faecal Calprotectin Analysis

As the Director of the UK NEQAS programme for Faecal Markers of Inflammation, I’m often asked why we sometimes see quite large differences between the Faecal Calprotectin results obtained by

Faecal Calprotectin testing in Primary Care

22 April 2013: NTAC (NHS Technology Adoption Centre) have published a report reviewing Faecal Calprotectin which is a simple diagnostic test which can aid clinicians to more accurately identify those

The Pitfalls of Diagnosing IBS without Checking Calprotectin

In this case study, Arne Roseth reflects on a case last year where he met a patient who’d been wrongly diagnosed with IBS over 16 years ago. Last July I

Calprotectin Testing with BÜHLMANN

Chris Moore (BÜHLMANN) and Dr. Arne Roseth (Lovisenberg Diaconiale Hospital) appeared as part of a programme produced by eDirect TV, entitled “NHS Advances in Gastroenterology, Endoscopy & Stomach Health Diagnosis”

Point of Care Testing for Calprotectin

Dr Sean Nugent, Consultant Gastroenterologist,of The Whitfield Clinic, Waterford, Ireland, talks to us about his introduction of the Quantum Blue Calprotectin Test into his clinic. Alpha Labs: Can you describe

Gold Star for Service

Successful laboratory assays are usually dependent on the alignment of many elements and sometimes things do go wrong despite everyones best efforts! Nik Hawes and Julia Bond from the Biochemistry

Royal Berks takes a Quantum Leap

In autumn 2010, the Clinical Chemistry Dept at the Royal Berkshire Hospital decided to evaluate the Quantum Blue Calprotectin test. The reason was that their Calprotectin requests had grown sufficiently

Assay Protocols

1/4. Collin Shaw, Medical Science Liason with Alpco Diagnostics, introduces and demonstrates the protocols for extracting faecal calprotectin from samples.

Sample Extraction

2/4. In his second video in the series, Collin Shaw demonstrates how to extract a sample using both the Roche Quick-Prep and ScheBo Smart-Prep systems.

Sample Dilution

3/4. In the third video in the series, Collin Shaw demonstrates how to dilute the sample prior to incubation.

Using the Quantum Blue Reader

4/4. In this fourth video, Collin Shaw demonstrates how to configure and use the Quantum Blue platform to analyse Calprotectin rapid test analysis.