Why Wait for Results? The Benefits of Rapid and Point-of-Care Monitoring of Therapeutic Drugs

Biochemical testing to support clinical decision making is essential, but certain analytes are still not routinely tested in-house. For these, patient samples are sent away to a referral laboratory for analysis or are stored and batch tested once or twice a week. This means that it can take several weeks before a result is available and treatment decisions often have to be made without the benefit of that analyte information.

In these situations rapid testing within the laboratory or even Point-of-Care (POC) testing can aid the management of patients significantly, by enabling rapid implementation of the appropriate treatment. In addition to the healthcare benefits, POC testing also gives significant benefits to patients, enabling direct discussion of results and the determination of an appropriate treatment plan immediately. Both of these can significantly relieve patient anxiety that the delays from traditional laboratory testing can cause.

“Quantum Blue tests can accurately be performed by a nurse which means that TDM now can be moved from a distant laboratory to the near patient facility like the infusion centre and ensure correct dosing in IBD and other patients on IFX treatment.”

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