A New Era in Pancreatic Elastase Testing

Launched in summer 2020, the new BÜHLMANN fPELA turbidimetric immunoassay for faecal pancreatic elastase, complements the popular calprotectin fCAL turbo assay, that is widely used across the UK. Using the same CALEX faecal extraction device as the calprotectin assays and running on main-stream clinical chemistry analysers, the fPELA is set to improve workflow and turnaround times, in a similar manner to the fCAL turbo.

Rachel Navin and Sarah Rogers are both Senior Biomedical Scientists at York hospital, the largest hospital within the York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Here they report on their experience of introducing the BÜHLMANN fPELA into their routine testing.

“We would certainly recommend the BÜHLMANN fPELA to other hospitals considering the assay – the workflow and direct reporting has made things so much easier, and it would certainly be good to have other users to compare results to on the EQA.”

Read the case study here

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