Alpha Laboratories offers the widest range of test formats for the measurement of human faecal Calprotectin in the UK.

Whether you want to perform the test within primary care, in the Gastroenterology clinic or the hospital laboratory, we have the right test to best suit your needs.

Within the Alpha Laboratories Calprotectin range the following applies:

  • 1 test to 1000 – we have the test format to suit your needs
  • There is a high level of correlation between test formats
  • All the Calprotectin tests are easy to use
  • Bühlmann sets a high standardisation of their assays and are aspiring to achieve WHO standard status
  • The linearity of the Bühlmann range has been proven to be up to 4000µg/g
  • Results correlate extremely well clinically
  • A consistent cut-off of 50µg/g is used throughout the Bühlmann Calprotectin range

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