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For point-of-care or lower throughput requirements Quantum Blue® offers a rapid, quantitative calprotectin testing platform.

When test requests for calprotectin are low, the ELISA method does not achieve a reasonable turnaround time. In this environment Quantum Blue® provides a comprehensive, rapid, low cost, entry-level calprotectin testing platform. It is simple to use  in either the clinic or laboratory setting.

  • Individually sealed tests
  • Based on established lateral flow technology
  • Provides a quantitative measure of Calprotectin in faecal samples but in a rapid test format
  • Quantitative result in 12 mins
  • Results can be downloaded to the LIS
  • Simple and rapid extraction and test process
  • Compact bench-top reader
  • Excellent correlation with the Bühlmann Calprotectin ELISA: uses a consistent cut off value (50µg/g)
  • Measurable range 100-1800µg/g or 30-1000µg/g Calprotectin in stool samples

Quantum Blue Calprotectin Reader for Laboratories
Quantum Blue Calprotectin Reader for Laboratories

“The introduction of the Quantum Blue test into the Department has been very easy. Staff like using the system and the extraction step is made as easy and straightforward as possible with the Smart Prep stool extraction device.”

Tracey Staughton, Clinical Scientist, Royal Berkshire Hospital

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Quantum Blue Calprotectin Product Information
Test Quantum Blue® fCAL High Range Quantum Blue® fCAL Extended
Time to result 15 min (approx.) 12 min (approx.)
Sample Type Faeces Faeces
Standard Range 100-1800 µg/g 30-1000 µg/g
Sensitivity <100 µg/g <30 µg/g
Controls (Included) 0.5ml each (High/low) 0.5ml each (High/low)
Pack Size 25 Tests 25 Tests
Product Code LF-CHR25 LF-CALE25

Key Literature

Quantum Blue® fCAL provides the perfect solution when calprotecin test requests are low or when a result is required rapidly within point-of-care (POCT) applications. It utilises a highly specific monoclonal antibody in a cassette based lateral flow assay that is read on a small desk top instrument.

Its simplicity and ease-of use fits well into the clinic setting providing a triage type assessment. This can help guide the clinician’s decision on proceeding with further investigation such as colonoscopy or investigating at a dietary and lifestyle solution for suspected Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers.

In addition a calprotectin POCT is helpful for monitoring known Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) patients, being useful in predicting flares and managing therapy regimes.

The extended range kit (LF-CALE25) (30-1000µg/g) for use with Quantum Blue Two second generation instruments (Serial no. >1000) enables diagnosis and monitoring within a single test format to simplify procedures and improve stock management.

Four Easy Steps to a Quantitative Result with Quantum Blue® fCAL

1. The Quantum Blue® Calprotectin assays are fully compatible with the BÜHLMANN stool extraction device CALEX® Cap.


3. Immediately after loading, the timer is started which controls the incubation time and reads the casette automatically.


2. A defined amount of stool extract is loaded onto the sample loading port of the test cassette.


4. At the end, the test result is displayed in µg/g. The Quantum Blue® Reader is ready for the next sample.

  • Simple and rapid extraction and test process
  • Quantitative results within 12 minutes
  • Excellent correlation with the BÜHLMANN Calprotectin ELISA
  • Two kit formats available for faecal calprotectin dependent on diagnostic or monitoring applications:
    • Quantum Blue® fCAL High Range (LF-CHR25) – measurable range 100-1800µg/g
    • Quantum Blue® fCAL Extended Range (LF-CALE25) – measurable range 30-1000µg/g

Quantum Blue is also available for Calprotectin in Serum

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Non-Invasive Quantitative Diagnostic for Bowel Inflammation: Analysis

Fecal calprotectin as a non-invasive indicator for ulcerative colitis disease activity in the Korean cohort

FC level showed significant correlation with the disease activity of UC, endoscopic indices and other serum inflammatory biomarkers in the Korean cohort. UCEIS showed a better correlation with FC level than Mayo endoscopic subscore. Fecal calprotectin could be used as a reliable non-invasive indicator to evaluate the disease activity and mucosal healing of UC.

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Home smart-phone based measurement of fecal calprotectin by IBD patients: correlation with laboratory assay and applicability as patient-friendly monitoring tool

Despite some numeric quantitative divergence, the results of the home fecal calprotectin test (IBDoc) correlate well with values-ranges obtained using conventional lab-based calprotectin test. Smart-phone based fecal calprotectin test may be a useful patient-friendly tool for monitoring of IBD patients at home, with minimal interference to their routine.

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Fecal calprotectin is elevated with clinical disease activity during pregnancy in women with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Women with IBD who had clinically active disease during preconception and pregnancy had higher fecal calprotectin levels than women who had clinically inactive disease. Fecal calprotectin has the potential to be used as a biomarker for assessing disease activity during pregnancy in women with IBD.

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Calprotectin and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) Isle of Wight Experience

Calprotectin is a useful marker in ruling out IBD and stratifying patients with suspected IBD that require further investigation and rapid access for colonoscopy

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Faecal Calprotectin is a Cost-Effective Method of Assessing Activity of Inflammatory Bowel Disease